Myofascial release

Myofascial release (Muscle-Fascia-Release) is a form of soft tissue therapy intended for pain relief, increasing range of motion and balancing the physical body. Techniques include manual stretching and releasing of the fascia, rebounding (rocking) and unwinding (movement fascilitation).The fascia is a seamless web of connective tissue that covers and connects the muscles, organs, nerves, blood vessels, lymph vessels and skeletal structures.The fascial system is totally one structure that is present from your head to foot without any interruption.

Injuries, stress, physical or emotional trauma, repetitive strain injuries and poor posture can cause restriction to fascia. Restricted, stuck, hardened fascia often leads to exhaustion, undiagnosed pain or immune system dysfunctions. The goal of myofascial release is to release fascia restriction and restore its tissue health.

MFR is especially effective in providing release from pain and fatigue caused by physical trauma and other trauma such as: neck and back pain, TMJ, headaches, migraines, jaw pain, frozen shoulder, stress related muscular tension, scar tissue and other adhesions, emotional stress and chronic fatigue syndrome.

During myofascial release the body often ‘unwinds’ (it spontaneously moves as the fascia releases). If myofascial restriction was due to physical or emotional trauma unwinding may be accompanied by release of associated emotions or memories.

Deep tissue massage is used to ease tension in the muscles, elongate the fascia and muscle fibres and create space in the body. Often a combination of deep tissue technique and myofascial release can be used in the same session to achieve the best result for the client.

Pawel trained in indirect (John Barnes Myofascial Release) , direct fascial release and advanced massage techniques with Jing Advanced Massage Institute (, Myofascial Release UK ( and also with world’s renowned fascial release and deep tissue bodywork experts such as Robert Schleip and Art Riggs.
He is now apprenticing in resistance stretching techniques – a pioneering fascial release work of Bob Cooley.