“I discovered Bowen through Pawel recently who suggested we try this therapy to release the pain caused by a rotator cuff issue in my shoulder.  The shoulder had been painful for many weeks and I experienced limited movement unable to hold the weight of my arm outstretched.  I’d not heard of Bowen but Pawel is a gifted practicioner in a number of therapies and I was willing to give Bowen a try. 
I discovered that Bowen was a non invasive gentle therapy to receive.  There were no sudden moves or discomfort and instead Pawel performed a series of light prods on various muscles which I’m advised are, fine-tuned to channel “natural energy” into the  problem areas and empower the body’s own resources to heal itself. He then stood a distance away outside and we waited a few minutes while my body was to reset and heal itself.  I didn’t feel any strong changes within the body during the treatment simply a feeling a deep relaxation. 
I was amazed by the immediate results!  I understand that sometimes a course of treatment is required but luckily for me, my shoulder had totally released.  I kept swinging my arm around to see if the pain would return.  The pain had almost totally vanished.  I have only had a couple of treatments but firmly believe that a series of Bowen sessions could dramatically improve many conditions.”

- Jane

“Pawel was able to create an incredibly safe and healing space very quickly and this formed the basis of my experience. The Bowen treatment itself involved soft, gentle and subtle touch and movement – yet the immediate and lasting effects were the most profound and powerful I have ever experienced. The actual treatment was deeply relaxing with an amazing sense of peace and feeling very aware of and at home in my body. The effects lasted (and are still lasting) long beyond the treatment. The physical and emotional aches and pains I started with, gradually shifted leaving me feeling pain free and stronger whilst also softer and able to open my heart to life!”

– Kelly

“I had 3 sessions of Bowen therapy with Pawel to treat a long standing issue with my lower back which would flare up with pain regularly. I’d never had Bowen therapy and didn’t know much about it. Pawel gave me a clear explanation of what to expect and made me feel at ease.
I found the treatment to be very relaxing and very subtle. So subtle that I wondered if it would have any effect. But I walked into the second session experiencing nerve and muscle pain throughout my body from old repetitive strain injury that had come back, by the end of the session it was gone.
After the 3rd session my lower back flared up again with pain. I wondered if this was part of the healing process and the pain died down after a few days but left me unsure if the treatment had any effect.
Well 3.5 months later and I haven’t had any symptoms at all in my lower back! I have to say I’m amazed that such subtle treatment can have such a huge effect. And obviously delighted to finally be pain free after so many years.”

- Stephanie

“I consulted Pawel around my tiredness, sore back and stiff legs.After each session of Bowen, I felt lighter, more flexible and in less pain – and though I felt healthily tired after each session, my sense is that some long term issues were resolved. I really enjoyed receiving Bowen therapy as I found it relaxing and gentle – and I could feel the difference it was instantly making, both physically and mentally. His touch was very gentle and healing, and not intrusive. I could feel the pain and soreness literally ripplying away.”

- Arvind

” I have been taking my newborn son to see Pawel because he started suffering from colic when he was 5 weeks old. We tried everything, over-the-counter remedies, cycling his legs, making changes in my diet and so forth, but the only thing that has made a visible and substantial difference are Pawel’s cranio-sacral sessions. My son is so much better now, crying a little during the day compared to the long hours of crying before, and being uncomfortable for less days during the week. During our sessions Pawel has also helped me see in my son sides of his character that I had not noticed before, and getting to know and understand him better. We are still not out of the tunnel, but it is really comforting to know that I can count on Pawel to help us and make a difference in my son’s life”

- Mara

“I have been seen Pawel for about three years now, and I find his cranio-sacral and fascial release the most powerful I have ever experienced. Pawel is able to create a safe, calm, and non-judgmental space in which I can be myself. His sessions are good for the soul and for the body. Whether I need the tension in my neck and shoulders to be released or I feel sad and tired, I know that after seeing him I will feel much better”

- Andrew

“Riddled with a number of autoimmune conditions, I started seeing Pawel a few years ago for myofascial release and craniosacral therapy. Not only the sessions themselves had helped improve the symptoms, Pawel’s wisdom and knowledge (and spiritual intuition) on the whole wellbeing have helped me identify possible issues with my mind/body which could have led to the conditions. He also provides advice on how to incorporate other remedies and recommended reading materials/books, exercises as well as other therapists that I could see alongside.

Pawel is certainly one of the best healers I have come across and I am very happy to have him part of my recovery.”

- Lydia

“My TMJ had caused a high degree of painful tightness in the muscles of my back, shoulders as well as my neck and jaw. A few treatment sessions of myofascial release on these areas significantly released this tension.”


“The treatment was fantastic – I felt very cared for and understood by Pawel, and immediately experienced benefits, that accumulated over time. The craniosacral sessions felt more powerful than others I’ve had and Pawel’s vast experience of different therapies, and his ability to tune in to what you need, meant he was able to bring me the benefits of several treatment modalities tailored to my needs. Amazing.”

-Julia Lay, Clinical Psychologist & Ecotherapist

“Over the last seven years I have been indebted to many skillful and dedicated bodywork professionals, who have helped me release deeply-held traumas and physical misalignments. Without a question I have achieved the fastest and most impressive progress with Pawel. Each session with him has been profoundly helpful, relaxing and restorative and I have faced the world afterwards with increased freedom of movement, better coordination and awareness, and greater self-confidence.”

-David Millen, Director, Relationship Manager

“Pawel is the most intuitive and dedicated therapist I know. I went to see him after a bad spell of anxiety and insomnia and immediately felt a release. I was “hooked” after that. I find his calm and smiling demeanour very soothing as well.”


“I found Pawel’s massage extremely helpful. I needed to be in a more relaxed state of mind after stressful experiences and felt that Pawel is a very powerful healer, combining massage and reflexology. I also found reflexology treatment extremely strong and invigorating, and very sensitively executed. Pawel has a firm but also gentle and nurturing touch when giving massage and I feel he has a lot to offer in a realm of healing, also being very empathic towards his clients”

-Jane Morgan, Supply teacher

“I have felt benefits every time I have received treatments in the ease and comfort of being in my body – feeling lighter, straighter and well rested. Consequently I’ve found more energy for exercise and creativity and overall in better mood and health. Your manner creates a space of calm and receptivity”

-Daniel Mirante, Painter, author and web designer

“I began having reflexology treatments from Pawel Wiacek in hope that it would relieve me of my acute lower-back pain which was causing me considerable irritation. At my first session I was immediately impressed by Pawel’s professionalism as he noted my medical history and by his soothing manner which immediately put me at ease. The treatments have proved very relaxing and the effect on my lower back has been quite extraordinary. The pain has disappeared and I am able to move freely and enjoy exercising again”

-Keith Moore, Membership Secretary of The Metamorphic Technique/ The Metamorphic Technique Teacher and Reflexologist.

“I received six reflexology treatments in succession. This was in second trimester of my pregnancy. I have found these treatments extremely helpful. What I liked about Pawel’s work was that he held such focus whilst working on me. I felt extremely safe and considered and he was very aware of my feeling of vulnerability due to to my pregnancy. He worked really deeply as I detest light body work and new all the areas instinctively. I experienced depression at that stage of pregnancy and I started feeling so much better after the treatments. I feel extremely grateful that reflexology gave me a real boost and support that had made my pregnancy much easier.”

-Lucidia, Deep-tissue masseuse/Shiatsu practitioner